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IDRC Speedwell Nationals race footage
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IDRC Speedwell Nationals

The IDRC Speedwell Nationals was held in February 2003, at Palmdale, CA. Since it was the first sport compact drag race of the year to be held in the continental U.S., the excitement level was high.

Some of the tightest racing action came in the all-motor category, with the air-cooled VW's qualifying in three of the top five positions. It was a full 16 car field, with some competitors not being able to make the cut. In the Outlaw class, IDRC newcomer Doug Harvey brought out the tube chassis VW fastback that he used to race in the PRA Pro Turbo class. He had run 9.30's under the restrictive PRA rules, but he was able to put on a bigger turbo and mechanical fuel injection with the IDRC, which brought him an additional 200 horsepower. Roger Crawford from Heads-Up Performance, and chassis builder Jimmy Larsen, were on hand to lend support to the racing effort.

In the Street Tire class, Ali Afshar from EasyStreet put the world's quickest WRX down the track with an incredible 10.02 second pass. You can see that final round battle, along with lots of other racing action, in the video clip above.

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