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You have reached the top website for video clips and photos on sport compact drag racing and import drag racing. The latest addition to the site is coverage of the Battle of the Imports West Coast season opener. This event is a great place for street racers to do their drag racing at the drag strip. Check out the motorsports videos and still photo coverage. This is some great Honda racing!

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Street racers will want to check out the new Carlsbad Imports DVD. Hardcore only need apply! This video is mostly street car racing at the drag strip, with a few pro cars running in the 10's.

If you ran at Carlsbad, especially at the VW vs. Import races in 2003/2004, your car is probably on this DVD.

Event Coverage: Drag Racing Video Clips

These drag racing video clips aren't part of the other event coverage on this website. You'll have to download and unzip before viewing, most of these are broadband only unless specifically labeled as dial-up modem:
Battle of the Imports Bakersfield 2004
Battle of the Imports Fontana 2004
On-board camera with Ricky De La Cruz
IDRC Phoenix Firebird Nationals 2004, broadband
IDRC Phoenix Firebird Nationals 2004, dial-up
IDRC Palmdale Pro Classes 2004, broadband
IDRC Palmdale Pro Classes 2004, dial-up
IDRC Palmdale Pro-Am 2004, broadband
IDRC Palmdale Pro-Am 2004, dial-up
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